2016 Midmar Mile - 16 Mile swim for DUCT

Grateful thanks to the following swimmers who swam 16 Miles over the weekend to raise funds for DUCT:


Gary Albertyn, Shane Le Breton, Georgia-Mai Ng-Yu-Tin, Keli Reynolds, Owen Sheftz, Kelvin Steyn, Reegan Tait, Royden Tustin
Unfortunately Wade Calenborne and John Watt who also raised funds for DUCT were forced to withdraw before the start due to illness. Very disappointing for them after all their hard work preparing for the event.
Each swimmer had a safety paddler alongside them and our thanks also go to our DUCT supporters who stepped in to this role.
As one of our paddlers, Bruce Acutt commented afterwards “The mental strength and stamina of the 16 mile swimmers was something to behold”.
16 Mile Swimmers with their supporting paddlers after the event.